If you enjoy teppanyaki, then you’ll definitely enjoy the food selections available at iYAKIMONO. From mouthwatering pan-fried salmon to tantalising takoyaki, you’ll never leave hungry. Despite its simple set-up, the stall is a popular haunt for families and executives alike, being centrally located next to the travelators on the Ground Floor.

Hot & Roll

Hot&Roll is an emerging leader of “Wholesome Tasty Treat Baked Food Products” which can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere, especially for those who are constantly on the go. The franchise belongs to HOT & ROLL Holdings Sdn Bhd, which is the owner of the Hot&Roll trademark.

At the heart of Hot&Roll is its pledge to provide simply hot, healthy, and delicious food that caters to all tastes. Hot&Roll’s trademark of Crispy, Paratha and Chapatti Wraps are available in a wide assortment of tasty flavours and cooked before your very eyes at its kiosk.


From the name of the company, we are already able to feel the wholesome goodness of the fresh and delicious fruit that we are delivering to our precious customers. Therefore, by bringing the best to our customers, we are very particular on the quality of our product, that is why we insist on only serving fresh and handpicked quality fruits.

At FruitLab, we also understand that due to the hustle and bustle of city life, people are too busy to enjoy the best out of nutritious fruits, hence we provide services like fresh cut fruits, 100% fresh fruit juices, delivery services, and fruit basket services.

Union Roastery

A unique one-for-all and all-in-one concept, Union Roastery is a distinct conglomerate at CITTA Mall that contains a roastery (as advertised), a patisserie (the acclaimed Le Claire), and an academy (Barista Guild Asia). From coffee connoisseurs to pastry predators, almost everyone can find something of their liking at Union Roastery.

Have those hunger pangs kicking in at 3? Dig into the familiar Grandma Chicken Chop or the sobering Espresso Pasta. Want a sweet treat that looks as good on camera as its taste? Bolt for delightfully adorable choux pastry masterfully crafted by pastry chef Frennee. Interested in learning more about coffee beans? Enquire within on courses offered by Barista Guild Asia.

So the next time you’re at CITTA Mall and in search for something inspiring, look no further than Union Roastery.


The A&W fast food restaurant is a fondly familiar face for most Malaysians having been a memorable part of growing up for many of us. Enjoy classics like the A&W Root Beer, Burgers, Coney Dogs and Waffles at this all-time favourite family restaurant and one of the few A&W stores still remaining in Malaysia.