Julia Gabriel Centre and Chiltern House Preschool

Julia Gabriel Centre has been producing confident communicators for over 25 years, empowering every student to express themselves with colour and creativity. Our specialised EduDrama methodology, which uses drama, role play or imaginary play as tools for creating confident and expressive communicators, characterises every programme and working practice in our centres. Each specialist curriculum is carefully structured to enhance creativity, develop cognitive ability and ignite a passion for learning. Considerable attention is paid to creating a positive and enabling environment: teaching takes place with small group numbers in bright and colourful studios, facilitated by an international team of lively educators, passionate about creative education and children.

The CITTA Mall centre is home to Julia Gabriel Centre and Chiltern House Preschool. Opened in 2011, the centre’s facilities include spacious classroom studios and an assembly area, an indoor playground for all physical education classes and outdoor play activities, and a specially designed child-centred library. The centre’s high ceilings and glass walls exhibit a bright and spacious atmosphere, coupled with its wooden flooring that offers a cosy, relaxing environment for early childhood learning.

I Discovery World

Our Vision
To be the world leader in children enlightenment programmes.

Our Mission
To develop the new generation to be more competitive in the future global marketplace.

Our Values
The “I” in “I Discovery World” stands for individual, intelligence, independence, ideas, innovation, invention, integrity and infinity. As we pursue our vision of making IDW the world leader in the enlightenment of children, we never lose sight of our founding values.
IDW is an individualised programme that encourages the new generation to work independently with minimal supervision. We are of the philosophy that children with a high level of intelligence will be able to generate new and creative ideas when restraints are not imposed on them.

We believe leaders of the future require new knowledge and skills to foster innovation and adapt rapidly in the global marketplace. Therefore, children will need to be inspired at a very young age to become inventors and innovators to brave this new future.

Integrity is our fundamental value. We uphold the worth and integrity of each educator in their efforts to guide and enlighten children in the home, school and community. Together, we can assist our next generation to develop infinite potential.

Inspiration is what drives one’s motivation to achieve something.
At IDW, we are inspired by Finland’s education system. Educators around the world are slowly becoming more aware of the successes Finland encounters through their education system, which subsequently informed us the right and proper way of educating your children from an early age.

By the age of 6, 70% of the brain is developed, while 90% of the brain is developed by the age of 10. With proper stimulus, neurons in the brain will grow rapidly to make learning much easier process for children.

Not everyone will become the greatest scientist or artist. However, through proper stimulation, children will be able to develop problem-solving skills (knowledge, analysing, thinking, differentiating, executing) and good self-learning habits in a faster pace.

By bringing out the innate intelligence of each child, we aim to make the new generation a more competitive force in the future global marketplace.

Blokke Cafe

BLOKKELabs was established as a LEGO Education centre in July 2016, and subsequently incorporated as a social enterprise in April 2017, with the aim of offering kids of all ages and abilities a different approach to education, using LEGO.

Through the development of programmes like BLOKKETherapy, BLOKKELabs is also reaching out to communities that are left behind by the education system – with autism currently being the primary focus of our work.

BLOKKELabs was formally accredited as a Social Purpose Organisation by Agensi Inovasi Malaysia and as an Impact Driven Enterprise by MaGIC in 2018.

A space built for the young at heart, with coffee for connoisseurs, a playhouse for kids and bricks for all lovers of LEGO!

Jane Yap Atelier

A centre for creative expression, Jane Yap Atelier encourages and emboldens children to embark on their own creative odyssey through art. The atelier regularly hosts art classes for children, and a variety of mediums are explored through these art projects. Functioning both as a gallery and an institution of learning, Jane Yap Atelier proudly displays creations from its students and advocates using art altruistically to engage other communities in need.

Treasure Box

Treasure Box is the first centre licensed to offer MPM Singapore Math together with its 2 foundation programs, JELIC & KMI, in Malaysia.

MPM (Multi-Process and Multi-Model) Singapore Math’s unique training approach encompasses:

Singapore Math + Advanced Geometry + Advanced Critical Thinking

MPM has over 40 centres in Singapore and is the math enrichment programme of choice in Singapore to extend students’ learning of Singapore Math in schools. MPM provides additional training in advanced geometry in preparation for secondary schools. The unique presentation of questions and creative multi-model solutions effectively elevate students’ level of critical thinking. Suitable for ages 6 to 12.

JELIC & KMI Whole Brain Development programs are the foundation courses to prepare pre-school children for MPM Singapore Math. JELIC & KMI offer 570 unique boxes of “game-like” challenges involving spatial visualisation and numerical skills. JELIC & KMI’s structured curriculum employs hands-on manipulatives to train young children in observation & critical thinking. Suitable for ages 3 to 6.

Curious Child Centre

Curious Child Center is a Reggio Inspired preschool, day care and enrichment center catering to children from 3 months to 6 year old. It offers both half day, full day and drop and work programs across all age group. For the preschool approach, the REGGIO EMILIA METHOD is applied.

It encourages creative learning to equip children to counter the spoon fed, fit in the mold way of learning. The main learning tools are things we find in our everyday environment, hoping for children to always be inspired to learn even as they leave school.

Their infant care program is for infants from 3-18 months and is headed by a qualified registered nurse with years of experience in nurseries, neonatal and pediatric wards in hospital.

They also do Infant playdates which are sensory sessions for babies aged 3-18 months and workshops for older kids (2-8yo). Curious Child is also a party venue for birthday parties and kids’ events.