Malaysians Bring Community Together on World Beetle Day

CITTA Volkswagen World Beetle Day

Petaling Jaya, 22 June 2023 – Over 60 VW Beetles and Kombis gathered at the open parking lot of CITTA Mall to commemorate World Beetle Day. Helmed by Khoo Teng Sen, the crowd (from greater Kuala Lumpur and neighbouring states) resembled a community of old friends and family, who were more than happy to exchange gear-head notes and share their love for the classic car with mall visitors.

Celebrating World Beetle Day was once just an affair of sticking a sign on car windows and driving around in Malaysia. When Alexander Gromow, Brazilian VW Beetle enthusiast, reached out to Teng Sen, the celebrations took a positive turn. Teng Sen created the June 22 – Drive Your VW to Work Day Facebook group, comprising a vast network of Beetle lovers, who now gather annually in the name of camaraderie, goodwill and good ol’ fun!

John Tam, General Manager of CITTA Mall said, “It’s the first time hosting World Beetle Day for us and we are glad to see the turn out and the enthusiasm for classic cars. The automotive world certainly has a way of bringing people together to share passion and build relationships, and we love being part of this.” 

The essence of community was accurately captured during the gathering today through a birthday celebration and moment of silence for an ardent member who recently passed away. Get to know the faces of the community through these Five Stories Behind the Wheel:

I live to drive, but ‘giving back’ drives me.” – Clifton

CITTA Volkswagen World Beetle Day

His passion for the Volkswagen Beetle goes beyond just getting behind the wheel and driving. Clifton drives to give back to the community – his cross-country group road trips involve raising funds, helping people from impoverished areas as well as bringing smiles to faces. “Sometimes if I see a sad or stressed face on the road, I give a friendly honk and smile at them. When they smile back, I know my job is done. It’s a good feeling.” Clifton’s Beetle has made numerous trips across Asia (including Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and the borders of Myanmar, India, and China). He purposely seeks out the toughest routes to test his mental strength and the car’s endurance; in his recent three-day cross-country drive, he gave some top-tiered branded cars a run for their money. Beetles pack some speed!

I bought it right before Covid, and finally it’s out from the shop and the road!” – Darren

CITTA Volkswagen World Beetle Day

The 29-year-old endured a three-year long wait to place his hands on the beige steering wheel of his VW Beetle. Darren is a two-day old member of his local VW Beetle group and cheekily marks his car with Woody and Buzz Lightyear toys gripping the bumper for their dear lives! He looks forward to a younger generation of enthusiasts joining him in his passion for the beloved classic.

I designed it, made it and put it together myself.” – T.C. Khoo

CITTA Volkswagen World Beetle Day

Khoo is an enthusiastic tinkerer, fashioning parts for his Beetle himself (and stamping his name on them too!). Being a Beetle owner for 11 years, he has taught himself to make modifications using original designs and does his best to let people know Malaysians are pretty good with their hands.

We got married in an earlier model, but this one would have been better – it’s pink!” – Ruby and Kelvin

CITTA Volkswagen World Beetle Day

Ruby first fell in love with the Beetle after seeing it on a calendar while in high school, and Kelvin promised her to get one – a pink one. The happy couple got married in Teng Sen’s Kombi, and Kelvin lived up to his promise, helping Ruby become the proud owner of a 2009 VW Beetle.

I hope we can pass this passion down to the next generation, and keep it alive, even though we are heading towards electric cars. It’s a community.” – Khoo Teng Sen

CITTA Volkswagen World Beetle Day

Teng Sen, who describes himself as just a VW fan, is a Malaysian World Book of Records holder for owning the largest number of VW miniature toys and memorabilia. The nucleus of multiple VW Beetle fan groups, Teng Sen has been organising 22nd June gatherings since 2015 and celebrates the beauty of people coming together, sharing their passion despite language barriers and economic status. He strives for a stronger community and familial bonds through the love for VW Beetles.

This gathering is CITTA Mall’s inaugural World Beetle Day gathering, supported by Chizu, A Beauty Secret Studio, Para Thai and Mee Hiris China Muslim.

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ARA Malls Celebrate Eco Month Nationwide

H.O.P.E. makes a return to CITTA Mall

What have you done to care for our planet lately?

Each year in March, ARA Asset Management (ARA) Malls are unwavering in their efforts to inculcate an appreciation for the natural world among its patrons through a series of fun and educational activities under the banner of its eco-conscious campaign, “Helping Our Planet Everyday” (or H.O.P.E.).

Campaign mainstays such as the aluminium pull-tab collection, coffee ground collection, and eco-themed arts & crafts workshops make a return to 1 Mont Kiara and CITTA Mall, while H.O.P.E.’s mascot, Mr. Plasticman, will also be making the rounds at both malls, offering to trade eco-friendly bags for plastic ones with shoppers.

“The collection of aluminium tabs will run for the entire month of March at 1 Mont Kiara and CITTA Mall,” remarked Alan Thoo, Head of Marketing. “The tabs will then be sent to prosthetic limb manufacturers through the Lions Club units that we cooperate with.”

Patrons of 1 Mont Kiara and CITTA Mall are encouraged to drop their pull tabs at the malls’ respective information counters between 12pm and 6pm throughout March.

One of the major highlights for Eco Month would be the popular Eco-Fashionista Costume Contest that has drawn the attention of many designer moms and charismatic children to Ipoh Parade and CITTA Mall, and for the first time ever, Klang Parade. A total of RM850 worth of cash and prizes are up for grabs at each mall, so contestants better come dressed in their upcycled best if they want to impress the judges.

In the past, contestants have consistently astounded a wide-eyed audience with their ingenuity, transforming yesterday’s waste into today’s fashion statement using a wide range of recycled materials such as aluminium cans, discarded cardboard, dated newspapers, and our arch-enemy, plastic. The sheer creativity that spills over the runway have only continued to inspire many others to parade their dresses of tomorrow, proving that sustainable fashion can truly start from the home.

1 Mont Kiara is the only mall to break away from this tradition, opting instead to focus on its successful H.O.P.E. Recycled Art Contest once again this year. A total of 132 art pieces were submitted for the contest by its 8 March deadline, exceeding all expectations yet also affirming the contest’s acceptance by the surrounding community. As a result of the overwhelming response, the Top 70 pieces (instead of the previous Top 50) will now be displayed at the H.O.P.E. Recycled Art Exhibition at the mall’s ground floor from 13 – 19 March.

The various sculptures and artworks paint a vivid picture of what the environment means to our youth, and they reveal our youngest generation’s aspirations for a greener future. For most of the submitted pieces, there is an urgent call-to-action to protect the singularly liveable planet that we often take for granted, while others function more like a time capsule that preserves an untainted innocence.

Further up north in Ipoh Parade is where the city’s inaugural Succulent Fair will take place from 31 March to 2 April. Hosted by Cactus Boy Nursery, who has an established base at CITTA Mall, the Succulent Fair will be the site for many colourful and exotic succulents, which have seen a surge of interest since the lockdown days due to their easy-to-care for nature and jaw-dropping diversity.

“It is a great honour to be able to work with Ipoh Parade and make this fair happen, as I have never done anything of the sort at such a scale before,” commented Koh Kuan Meng aka Cactus Boy. “I am very excited to share some of my unique discoveries with the people of Ipoh and to educate everyone on how to properly care for their succulents.”

On 1 and 2 April, visitors to the fair will be able to join personalised workshops where Koh addresses common issues about caring for succulents. Shoppers who have purchased any five succulents and a pot will also be able to learn how to make an arrangement with their selection over two sessions on both days (3:00pm and 6:00pm on 1 April; 12:00pm and 6:00pm on 2 April).

“We hope these activities help people get involved in their own way and be engaged in preserving our environment. We know this may be just a small step in addressing climate change, but we hope it will be the seed that inspires a way of living in the future,” Thoo added.

For a full breakdown of the events across the malls, please refer to the table below:

1 Mont Kiara celebrates Eco Month from 1st to 31st March

Eco-Fashionista Costume Contest will be held under H.O.P.E campaign on 26 March 2023 at Klang Parade

1 Mont Kiara
– Aluminium Pull-Tab Collection (at mall’s concierge)1 – 31 March12:00pm – 6:00pm
– H.O.P.E. Recycled Art Exhibition – E-Waste Information & Disposal Corner
– Coffee Grounds Collection Corner
13 – 19 March10:00am – 10:00pm
– Musical Performance by Saint International School18 March2:00pm – 3:30pm
– Eco-Themed Arts & Crafts Workshop – Plant-A-Tree Workshop – E-Waste Interactive Games Corner18 – 19 March12:00pm – 6:00pm
– Mr. Plasticman Walkabout18 – 19 March12:00pm – 9:00pm
– Aluminium Pull-Tab Collection (at mall’s info. counter)1 – 31 March12:00pm – 6:00pm
– E-Waste Information & Disposal Corner
– Coffee Grounds Collection Corner
20 – 26 March10:00am – 10:00pm
Earth Hour Weekend:
– Eco-Fashionista Costume Contest25 March7:00pm
– Eco-Themed Arts & Crafts Workshop
– Plant-A-Tree Workshop
– E-Waste Interactive Games Corner
25 – 26 March12:00pm – 6:00pm
– Mr. Plasticman Walkabout25 – 26 March12:00pm – 9:00pm
Ipoh Parade
– First Succulent Fair in Ipoh (by Cactus Boy Nursery)31 March – 2 April10:00am – 10:00pm
1-on-1 Workshops with Cactus Boy:
– Sharing Session:
“What do I do when my succulents are sunburnt?”
“What do I do when they become elongated?” – Hands-on Session:
Buy any five succulents and learn to pot them together.
1 April 2 April3:00pm 12:00pm
– Sharing Session:
“How do I propagate succulents?”
“How do I care for such young succulents?” -Hands-on Session:
Buy any five succulents and learn to pot them together.
1 – 2 April6:00pm
– Eco Arts & Crafts Workshop1 – 2 April12:00pm – 6:00pm
– Eco-Fashionista Costume Contest2 April2:00pm
Klang Parade
– Eco-Fashionista Costume Contest26 March2:00pm

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Succulents are the new vending machine “snacks” at CITTA Mall

Cheerful succulent seller turned a passion project into a thriving business.

Cheerful succulent seller turned a passion project into a thriving business.

Drinks, snacks and now – succulents! The use for vending machines has been revolutionised for more than just dispensing convenient eats. Today, you can find Malaysia’s very first succulent dispensing vending machine at CITTA Mall. In collaboration with Cactus Boy
Nursery, this machine houses up to 108 succulents for sale, through an accessible, cashless, and unmanned retail system.

“CITTA Mall has always prioritised being a ‘green mall’ where we try to add an element of nature to your shopping and leisure
experience. Supporting novel ideas like the Cactus Boy Nursery succulent vending machine is just one of the ways we
encourage entrepreneurship and increasing our green spaces within the community,” commented John Tam, General Manager of

Succulent vending machine by Cactus Boy at CITTA Mall

Own new succulents at a press of a button.

The succulent vending machine is a pet project by Owner and Founder of Cactus Boy Nursery, Koh Kuan Meng, to cater to his customers’ demand for the pretty potted plants while he travels for work. “I have always desired for a retail space to sell succulents without me being on-site and having to manage the sales in person. When CITTA Mall agreed to support me in bringing my vending machine idea to life, I jumped on the opportunity immediately.”

Commercial vending machines are not designed to sell live plants; Koh had a hand in customising the design to carefully move the succulents from the display rack to the collection space in the vending machine. “It took several trials and errors, but with a few modifications, the plants can now be transported safely from all display rack levels without toppling over! My next challenge is to dispense bigger pots of plants.”

Koh’s inventive modifications has simplified sale of his succulents

Koh’s inventive modifications has simplified sale of his succulents

“There are a few plus points to selling plants this way; I can store them at a consistent temperature, install grow lights to ensure sufficient light, automate the watering system, and also maintain the plants’ condition and monitor sales through an app. Now, plant mums and dads can come, purchase, and leave with their new plant babies without me having to be there! That’s a great victory for me,” the 31-year-old added.

Succulent enthusiasts can purchase a single pot from RM15 upwards to two pots for RM50 at the vending machine located at the Ground floor of CITTA Mall, outside Nando’s eatery, by the glass elevator. To watch a tutorial on how to use the machine, click here.
For more information, visit: @CITTAMall on Facebook or @cittamall on Instagram or @cactusboynursery on Facebook or @cactusboy_nursery on Instagram.

CITTA Mall Celebrates Chinese New Year Featuring Mural Art Hand-Painted by 90 Children

The children, their caretakers, Leo Club members and sponsors capture a moment by the hand-painted mural

PETALING JAYA, 29 January 2023 – 90 children and their caretakers from Overcomer Care Centre, Salvation Kids Association, Sai Pandian Orphanage Children Home, and Promise Home celebrated the unveiling of their very own 60-foot-long mural during a Chinese New Year event hosted by CITTA Mall.

The mural painting project was led by the Metro Leo Clubs who engaged with the children’s homes (including Victory Home which was unable to attend the event) in January to paint a portion of the mural.

The highlight of the event was surprising the children with the complete mural, featuring caricatures of rabbits (the fourth Chinese zodiac) and multiple shades of auspicious red.

Deemed the “Megazoid” mural, John Tam, General Manager of CITTA Mall noted that, “This celebration is uniquely different from the usual festivities. CITTA Mall is collaboratively demonstrating to the children the power of coming together, through little effort, to create a greater and positive impact. The Megazoid artwork represents more than just a mural, it’s about communicating unity, a sense of ownership and having good fun.”

Director General of CITTA Mall, John Tam, warmly welcomes the attendees

The Megazoid mural will be displayed until the end of the week, 5 February, on the Third Floor by the GSC Cinema for our shoppers’ viewing pleasure. The children were also treated to a Yee Sang toss, ang pao presentation, a scrumptious lunch by Chilli’s, Wrappe and Happy Lemon, and gifts of Designer Pillows from MajuHome.

Children enjoying yee sang toss and grabbing a boomerang for the ‘Gram

“It was wonderful to find our like-minded partners, CITTA Mall and our sponsors, to give these children a chance to celebrate their very own artwork created by their own hands. There is something so joyous in collectively creating a thing of beauty, and I wanted to have as many children as possible experience this through their very own Megazoid artwork,” explained Andrew Teh of Leo Club Sunway Metro, the Organising Chairperson.

“I am extremely appreciative of our CITTA Mall tenants for expressing generosity during this festive season, in partnership with the Metro Leo Club members,” added John Tam, General Manager of CITTA Mall. This event was successfully put together by the Leo Clubs of Sunway Metro, INTI International College Subang Metro, Methodist College KL, SMK Seksyen 4 Bandar Kinrara, and SMK Bandar Utama 3, supported by sponsorship from Chilli’s, Wrappe, Happy Lemon and MajuHome of CITTA Mall.

CNY 2023 Events at CITTA Mall

The Rabbit Lunar year is upon us! There were lots of fun and exciting CNY themed workshops and performances that CITTA Mall shoppers enjoyed with their families. Here are some of the fun and exciting activities that went on last weekend:

CNY 2023 at CITTA: Lion greeting the shoppers

Lion dancers greeting the shoppers

CNY 2023 at CITTA - God of Prosperity greeting the shoppers

The cheeky God of Prosperity greeting the shoppers.

CNY 2023 at CITTA

Lion dance performance wowing the audience.

The talented mask changing performer also dazzled the crowd.

The Chinese acrobatic performer amused the audience with his antics.

The CNY paper cutting workshop.

Happy CNY from CITTA!

YJ Malaysia Cube Open 2022 A Smashing Hit

Group photo of the 3x3x3 Cube First Round event, the largest event of the championship where all the cubers turned up to compete (YJ Malaysia Cube Open 2022)
Group photo of the 3x3x3 Cube First Round event, the largest event of the championship where all the cubers turned up to compete

The YJ Malaysia Cube Open 2022 became part of the nation’s history as the national cubing event with the most participants and the most first-timers. 

When registration for the YJ Malaysia Cube Open 2022 opened, the organisers had no idea that participation would exceed 300 to 350 spots, making it Malaysia’s largest cubing event to date. The competition had 155 first-time competitors, setting a new record for the most new participants at the event.

“We were amazed by the flood of registrations and had to request the World Cubing Association (WCA) to increase our participation limit to 350 spots,” Manfred Siew, one of the three organisers, said. “We were also grateful to be able to host this event at The Space, CITTA Mall, which could easily accommodate such a large number of participants, including their supporters by way of family members and friends.”

Manfred Siew, the main organiser of the YJ Malaysia Cube Open 2022 (YJ Malaysia Cube Open 2022)
Manfred Siew, the main organiser of the YJ Malaysia Cube Open 2022

He opined that the recent Movement Control Order (MCO) caused many youngsters to take up cubing while they were sequestered at home. “In fact, many new cubing Tik Tok channels came about during this time, further igniting interest in this sport,” the 22-year-old added.

A participant of the 3x3x3 Blindfolded Final event
A participant of the 3x3x3 Blindfolded Final event

The full cubing event, which featured the complete 17 speedcubing competitions, drew participants from a total of 17 countries, including neighbouring countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Brunei; and further ones such as the USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, Russia, New Zealand, South Korea, India, China, and Australia.

Cubing fans of all ages took part, with the youngest participant being a 6-year-old boy and the oldest participant being Siew’s father, Siew Hann Wen, aged 48.

National Records Set

Manfred Siew (center) surrounded by some of the winners and National Record setters of the YJ Malaysia Cube Open 2022 (YJ Malaysia Cube Open 2022)
Manfred Siew (center) surrounded by some of the winners and National Record setters of the YJ Malaysia Cube Open 2022

Siew was pleased to report that there were a number of national records set in the 3-day event. Tee Kai Yang of Malaysia won the 3x3x3 Cube Final event with an average score of 6.88 seconds (he broke the National Record in the 3x3x3 Cube Second Round with an average of 6.66 seconds), followed by Natthaphat Mahtani of Thailand (average score: 7.43 seconds) and Yap Jia Yang of Malaysia (average score: 8.20 seconds). Ang Chin Zhen of Malaysia was the champion in the 3x3x3 Fewest Moves Final event with an average score of 24 seconds, which was also the national record. Singaporean Wong Chong Wen was the first runner-up with an average score of 24.67 seconds, followed by Indonesian Firstian Fushada with an average score of 26 seconds. Theodore Chan of Singapore emerged as the champion of the 3x3x3 Blindfolded Final with an average score of 23.17 seconds, which is a national record. Second place in the 3x3x3 Blindfolded Final Event went to Hill Pong Yong Feng of Malaysia (average score: 27.69 seconds) and Chih-Chuan Yang of Taiwan (average score: 28.88 seconds).

Manfred (left) awarding one of the National Record setters, Tee Kai Yang (YJ Malaysia Cube Open 2022)
Manfred (left) awarding one of the National Record setters, Tee Kai Yang

“Hours upon hours of practice are needed to be an excellent speedcuber who wins competitions,” said Siew, who participated and won third place in the Clock final event with an average score of 7.31 seconds. The 6-time National Record holder in 2019 admitted that his practice time has dwindled considerably now that he is helping out in his father’s hoarding board design business and running his fledgling woodwork product business at Shopee. “I am now focused on supporting the cubing sport by taking over the mantle of organising the national cubing championship from my father, and together with the support of my co-organisers – twin brother Darren and older brother Eason, 23 years old – and dad and my mom, Tiffany Soh, 48 years old, we will continue to take speedcubing to greater heights.”

A Well-run Event

Under the capable leadership of the Siew brothers, the organisation of the event went smoothly with practically no delays, save for a 2-minute delay for one event. “Apart from that, the other events either ended on time or earlier, much to the delight of participants. We received a lot of positive feedback because everything went smoothly, without a hitch,” said Siew. “The one thing that cubers hate is delays, and once that is eliminated, the event becomes even more enjoyable,” he said with a charming grin. 

The event was well-run thanks to the efficient system created by Siew Hann Wen and the participants who volunteered as judges (Custom)
The event was well-run thanks to the efficient system created by Siew Hann Wen and the participants who volunteered as judges

He attributed it to the willingness of the participants who stepped up to be judges of the event. “With the high number of new participants this year, of which none could qualify as a judge, we had to rally the support of many seasoned participants to help out as judges to man our 30 competition tables,” Siew divulged. “On behalf of the organising committee, I would like to thank all those who have contributed their time and effort. I hope to see more of this cooperative and generous spirit as we continue to be willing to help out and give back to the speedcubing community.”

The Siew brothers in blue (left to right_ Eason, Manfred and Darren) flanked by two members of the organising committee (Custom)
The Siew brothers in blue (left to right_ Eason, Manfred and Darren) flanked by two members of the organising committee

All of the new participants were given a comprehensive tutorial on the SOPs of the YJ Malaysia Cube Open 2022
All of the new participants were given a comprehensive tutorial on the SOPs of the YJ Malaysia Cube Open 2022

Another contributing factor to the well-run event, said Siew, was the system his father had created when he first organised the event two championships ago. “I basically adopted his system and everything went smoothly as he had basically covered all the bases.” 

For all the benefits of cubing, which include being in a network of friendly kindred spirits willing to share their knowledge and experiences with each other, Siew cautioned cubers to adopt a balanced lifestyle. “Many cubers can be very introverted, and being cooped up indoors to practise all day will not be healthy in the long run. As such, I recommend that cubers participate in sports and physical activities like badminton, running, and the like to build up their health and make them well-rounded people. I would also advise them to make friends outside of the cubing community to expand their horizons.”

Golden Prosperity 2020

Anyone Can Win!

ARA is rewarding shoppers through its 4 malls this Chinese New Year!

From 30 December 2019 to 26 January 2020, spend and stand a chance to redeem and win premiums and prizes from the RM100,000.00 prize pool! The top 3 spenders from each mall will be in the running to win Gold bars! (T&Cs apply)


Stage 1 (30 Dec 2019 – 26 Jan 2020)

Shop at CITTA Mall and be among the Top 20 spenders from 30 December 2019 to 26 January 2020* to qualify to Stage 2.  *Selected weekly.

Stage 2 (1 February)

Participate in our Mall Challenge to become the Top 3 finalists representing CITTA Mall to compete in Stage 3!

Stage 3 (9 February)

It’s the Golden Prosperity Final Challenge at Klang Parade! Succeed in a series of challenges to win the gold bars! All finalists will walk home with amazing prizes from our sponsors!

Click here for more information on the T&Cs.