A Different Kind of Family for Chinese New Year

Shah Alam, 26 February 2015 – Pure unadulterated gratitude was what the team from CITTA Mall experienced as they presented the gifts to a fellowship of forgotten fathers at Canaan Caring Home, a home for the elderly founded by Andrew Ng. The all-male residents were in high spirits and were more than ready to welcome the Year of the Goat by commencing a Prosperity Toss filled with cheers and raucous laughter. The festive cacophony was a desirable change for the home, which stirred Andrew who had been looking after the men’s welfare since their arrival at the home.

“Some of these men still have families to return to,” he comments. “But they’re usually driven back here once they’ve had their reunion dinner. These are the lucky ones. Others were… simply left here, and haven’t seen their families since. Some can’t even remember anymore.”

Spearheaded by CITTA Mall with the backing of McDonald’s, Presto, Unique Seafood, and 99 autospa, the social visit to Canaan Caring Home was part of CITTA Mall’s plan to ensure that everyone has a chance to celebrate Chinese New Year with family, including those not bonded by blood. In a season that capitalises on reunions, everyone should have the equal opportunity to bask in the company of those who genuinely cares for them. For the residents of the home, this means being there for each other when others would cast them out, and discovering how often bonds are built, never given.
“There are families who continue to contribute to the home, which is why we’re still able to keep the place clean and comfortable for the seniors,” says Andrew. “We take the men for regular checkups at Klang’s General Hospital, and conduct a few activities every now and then to keep them stimulated.”

As a result of the visit, residents of the home were able to feast on yee sang provided by Unique Seafood and meal sets from McDonald’s. CITTA Mall’s team also proceeded to give out ang pows to those present, while delivering provisions donated by Presto and 99 autospa. Affluence and abundance may have long eluded these men, but there is no doubt that each of them were thankful for the gifts that came their way. Every voiced appreciation from them only fueled the team’s desire to help create a happier and, for once, secure environment for the residents.

“They seem happy, and that’s all that matters. While I may never know the full circumstances surrounding the past for some of these men, I hope everyone here has been able to forge a new kinship with each other. The situation may be atypical, but we at Canaan Caring Home are a family.”
Canaan Caring Home is located at No 1, Jalan Alisa 36/33, Taman Sungai Kandis, Section 36 Shah Alam.